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We have three letters to describe how we feel right now … OMG.


Our team has always been dedicated to making ladies from all walks of life feel beautiful from the inside out. We’ve held contests through the years, boudoir marathons and what not. But I don’t think we have ever done anything that means more to us than this particular project. And when I say project, I really mean we were on a MISSION. And to say we are overwhelmed with the outcome is a complete understatement.

Being a woman in this society always comes with challenges. We are expected to be great partners, awesome mothers, successful in the workplace and to top it all off … Beautiful and fit! That whole concept is so off and that’s why we started this project.

I mean, who is the grand authority on beauty anyway? No one. But we can be the authority on our OWN beauty!

That is specifically the reason why we were so inspired and humbled by all of the ladies who took the time to reflect and realize what makes them so individually awesome. We’ve heard stories of childbirth, stories of not being able to conceive, life-threatening illnesses, weight loss journeys, bullying and so on. But despite having to experience some really hard things in life, these ladies just SLAY, day in and day out! If that in itself is not beautiful, we don’t know what is.

So this blog post is dedicated to ALL the gorgeous and strong women who have decided to be a part of this great campaign. We tip our hats off to you, ladies! Just like one of our favorite sayings goes … “Empowered women, empower women.”

But, wait! We’re not done just yet.    

Because we are SO grateful and honored by the response, we decided to offer one more FREE Boudoir Package, for the month of November. So keep those new entries coming ladies!

To all those who joined the project, supported the cause or just downright loves what we are doing … Heartfelt love from the Boudoir le Blanc Team!

Heather & Tooney

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