Hi Heather and Tooney!

I know you guys already get lots of testimonials, and you can post this or save it, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU again. Even without seeing the full album, I'm already amazed by how wonderful the shots turned out. I get kilig looking at them! And what a great moment that is—to get kilig over yourself! Haha. You guys really do have awesome jobs.

I am absolutely in love with my Boudoir le Blanc photos, and the special video, too! You truly know how to make a girl feel effortlessly beautiful on set, draw forth and capture her best moments, and turn them into timeless photos.

I enjoyed the whole experience that you created for me. From the set design, to the poses, to the photo selection and editing—everything was tastefully and thoughtfully done. The whole thing was so "me", and the photos are better than I could have imagined. You blew my pegs out of the water!

This is especially meaningful to me right now, just when I needed an ego boost. I feel sexy, classy, and empowered! Whatever insecurities or worries I had regarding the shoot are totally gone.

I think every woman secretly wishes to pull off something like this. With the media feeding us images of impossibly perfect women, it's easy to feel like we're always one step behind; like we'll never be pretty enough or skinny enough. But it’s all about loving ourselves in our totality, right? Playing up our strengths, and rediscovering our beauty through the right "lens". And when we can feel beautiful in our most basic form, in our most vulnerable state, in our most intimate space, that's amazing.

I'll keep and treasure these photos now and for years to come! Throughout my 20's, when I'm married, and when I'm 90 years old, I know I’ll look back at these and smile, remembering the days when I was this young and radiant.

The Boudoir le Blanc experience is something I recommend to all the ladies out there! Every woman deserves to feel this gorgeous. And do it for YOURSELF, not for a man. OK, maybe for your man. But ULTIMATELY for yourself! And if you're feeling hesitant, just have a shot (or two), count to three, and do it.

Hi Heather, Tooney and Tina!

First, let me just say that this experience is one of the memories worth keeping during our wedding preparations.   Should I still have extra budget before or after the wedding, I would definitely have you for my SOLO or COUPLE’S boudoir.  Highly recommended!

I'm super happy with the output of our boudoir soiree!  I received overwhelming compliments from my friends.  "Gandang di inaasahan" and “Cris Zanrie ver. 10” was some of their comment upon checking out some of the photos I’ve shared to them.  Hahaha!  Thank you for making my pictures hot, sexy and beautiful. ;)

Heather:  Thank you for being patient on my queries when I can’t seem to find the right wardrobes for my mood board.  For the beautiful set and for coming up with the theme that suits me best!  Your encouragement on the day of the shoot was super helpful for me to pose naturally in front of the camera. And I looove your dog “siksik”! hahaha!  

Tina: Thank you for the makeup! Since most of my friends say I look younger than my age,  making my look mature is just right for the shoot.  I never thought I will look as good as I was on the picture.  Your chit chat while doing my makeup kept me busy that I even forgot that I’m nervous on what will happen on my turn to the shoot.

Tooney: Thank you for your compliments every time I made some good poses (hahaha! as if!).  They were really helpful for me to pose as natural as I could without showing nervousness.  Haha!  My pictures were lovely!  I thought posing in a boudoir will require some uncomfortable poses but I didn’t have any.   It’s like, instead of the model doing some challenging poses, you’ll be the one doing some difficult position just to get the best angle. 

Lastly, aside from me, husband-to-be is also suuuuuuuuuuper happy to see the output of my boudoir set.  If you could only see him when he saw the sneak peak….  It was PRICELESS! He didn’t expect the pics, the poses and the set to be that beautiful.  He’s the one excited to see the whole set of photos, that’s why I made a follow up prior to you sending the whole set.  He’s soooo proud of the pics you’ve sent that he even made it his cover and profile photo in FB! Haha!  J

Thank you so much for the fun boudoir experience! J

Cris  *bride-to-be*

Having my photo taken nearly naked is something that has never crossed my mind. Seeing their portfolio online made me think otherwise. On the day itself, the 3 ladies, Heather, Tina and Tooney made me feel like I was the prettiest girl (which I was starting to believe towards the end as they were sooooo convincing!) and they boosted my confidence despite being nearly naked in front of the people I barely know. They were very professional yet everything was personalized! I am so glad I've got them and they took me! :D

"I insisted upon myself a boudoir session for the main reason that i didn’t want to depend on anyone to tell me i am fine…to prove myself that i can do as i please…

but after the shoot…i realized, i was wrong:

i needed tina to fix my unruly hair and even out my uber dry skin...(and tell me over and over it's ok, everything's pretty)
i needed Heather Escudero to arrange everything for me, from the color of the nail polish on my pinky finger to the vintage luggage i used to make me feel like a PanAM attendant.
i needed Tooney White to capture the moment, for me to have something to look back to when I get old and wrinkly.

well, this may be some rather shallow reasons, but you see, in reality – i can never really live in this world being too independent. i am fine because other people, friends, make me fine.

…and i thank you ladies for this lesson learned, a truly special present for my 32nd birthday."




Hi Guys!
I just received the pictures! Wow! As in wow! I still cant believe I was able to do that so pretty! until now, my friends keep on telling my how wonderful my pictures turned out and how sexy i am! Haha my girl friends even tell me I inspire them and would want to do the same! Talk about trendsetting. Even though I did the spoiler thing to my fiance of showing some pics to him and not waiting for the big day to come, I still can remember the first time he saw it. The big smile on his face was plastered on him the whole day! Hehe!
Kindy tell tooney and tina theyre equally amazing! Tooney is still young but her eye in capturing great shots is even comparable to those famous photographers in the industry.

Tina indeed knows how to enhance one's beauty. Her talent can be pass even on bridal makeups hoping to see her in same day edits of wedding videographers in the future doing that.

I dont know how I can ever thank you for the photos youve given because thank you is an understatement all i can think of is to continuously recommend you to other fellow bride-to-bes and friends because getting Boudoir Le Blanc is worth every cent
Thank you again girls! Mwah!


It’s not in my personality to do a boudoir shoot, even though I love creative photography so much. I am
a mom of 2 and always shy about my body. I’m glad I did it! Not too late. I enjoyed everything from preparation, my personalized Mood Board and styling. Oh my make up is so gorgeous! I am happy working with lovely ladies Heather, Tooney and Tina. They made me feel very comfy. Ofcourse, the outcome is so pretty that I can’t believe it’s really me. It’s a worthy birthday gift to myself and a surprise gift to hubby on our anniversary. He is really amazed looking on my photos. I am now more comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for bringing out the Sexy and Glamour in me! 

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